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Play with the doers I shall. The makers and creators who care and tell untold truths…. Who dream bigger because I am them and they are me.

…A final thought from my last blog entry at a time when life was beginning to make far more sense to me and perhaps still little to all of you as the next step in my career was quietly in-the-making.

So, perhaps, this is Part 2.

My inspiration. My explanation. My path forward.

I remember pacing in my old pajama pants that kept annoyingly slipping under my heels as I made these tiny circles in my apartment. I was nervous. The phone was pressed tightly up against my cheek. I had had a lot of time to think this conversation through. Cancer surgery recovery is no day at the park, and I had spent many nights staring at the ceiling in pain contemplating what was next for me.

What got me through? Designing my future with this brand new paint brush. Making decisions based on hope. Not fear.

Christina Boomer Vazquez was on the line. I would share this with her. I had her attention.

“I have this crazy idea…”

It was not the best way to start a pitch… I know. I know. But I find myself to be a master brainstormer, full of the most random yet creative ideas that can occasionally make so much sense and lead to an ‘aha moment’ for myself or others… so I could still win her heart and mind. Maybe.

Christina later tells me I was her first call after deplaning at MIA. My text interested her. She was back from a trip overseas where she was training journalists, and she wanted to learn more.

I had this idea where we could create local journalism that truly matters… not just today or this week but conversation starters with a lasting imprint on our neighborhoods. Let’s create community. Give our over-polarized worlds and whoever made them so… a big kick in the ass.

Christina and I were on the same page. We were like old lady parrots rhythmically mimicking one another. My world was beginning to solidify.

At the time, if you asked me: Why partner? Why her? My answer may have been a jumbled and hesitant mess of, ‘it feels right?’ Something inside told me it was the way forward for us both.

We recently read an article as part of an entrepreneurship program that seemed to not favor my overly creative kind, but at the heart of it were two concepts… two characters… that stayed with me: The artist and the innovator. She is the innovator to my artist and vice versa.

I didn’t know it then, but now… so much YES.

A romantic notion, maybe, but one that has certainly built a tough incubator of innovation, creativity, and unparalleled delivery as we pursue not one but two new chapters centered around our one true love: storytelling.

We have always found a home in storytelling. An old friend. A confidant. Our truth in motion.

While our first venture is still a work in progress, our second business would come to life overnight. We heard the call. We literally got the calls… one after the other.

…We would teach through experience. We would give voice to the voiceless or muted. Hand a microphone to a talent.. a team with a remarkable idea… an emerging leader, a small business owner, an activist or a seasoned professional running a firm of 1000+ who is in the market for a fresh take on verbal  empowerment.

We want to dedicate ourselves to inspiring through you. Thus, Dux & Boomer was born. A Miami-based strategic communications firm that believes in helping others create the moments that matter.

Personal branding.

Authentic storytelling.

This is our cup of tea.

Former TV news competitors turned friends turned partners invested in a business we can all believe in.

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