My Father’s Confession

One night, recently, my father tells my mother he has to make two confessions. It was late. They were in bed. Her mind goes wild. “After all these years, what could it be,” she asks herself. Not good.

He begins. One: “I really like golf,” he says.

The day before was going to be his last day on any golf course, as he had planned, because it was ‘too stressful,’ but something had changed. He was not too shabby even if one of his balls flew through a forested area and bounced off a tree. He had found a shortcut to the next hole. We had laughed about this over dinner.

My father’s second confession: “I was practicing in the front yard.”

My father felt guilty because he had pulled out several different clubs and practiced his swing in the morning before they played golf while my mother was asleep. He thought that somehow it had given him an unfair advantage. He played better than my mother too, and she’s more of ‘the athlete.’

Really? I know you’re asking yourself that, and I promise my father is a sane man. He’s just too kind. My mother says it was a struggle to not die of laughter in bed that night. “He is such a boy,” she said. All men are forever boys, right?

I think it was also one of those life reminders that let you breathe a little easier. I could see it on her face. He is still the man she married. So thoughtful… So caring… She didn’t need to say anything else. They have the kind of love that makes other people want to tear up… just a bit.

My parents celebrated their 36th anniversary in October.

Juice, Juice Baby

The faces I get are expected. A cup full of bright green juice is probably not appealing to most people, but I like things that don’t taste great. If it’s good for me it starts to feel right. My only suggestion is to do more mouth breathing if you throw any broccoli in there. I’ve also gotten complaints about the stench coming from the trash a day later.

I started juicing in the morning to get extra vitamins in my body that I am clearly deficient in, and I have a feeling I’m not alone especially in the tv biz. honest moment: Who eats well-balanced meals? If you’re on-the-go that means some serious preps, and to this day,  I’m still searching for the ultimate lunch box that does, well, what the tag promises.

As for this little adventure… It has been interesting. In one cup, I’ve managed to include two apples, a handful of spinach and kale, a lemon, and a cucumber as suggested in a documentary I saw at Georgetown Market here in Indy called, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” That’s a lot of healthy raw food rich in vitamins. I dig it.

Could I live on it? Definitely not. How could I say no to a big juicy cheeseburger?? I can visualize it now.

Two books I picked up for recipes: ‘The Big Book of Juices” and “The Juicing Bible.” The ‘bible’ is pretty neat. It matches health conditions (even hangovers) with the right fruits, veggies and herbs.

Who We Be

For a long time I have believed that hard work pays off and getting things the wrong way will catch up with you. I live by it.

I fight for what I believe in, and I fight for the people I love.

This is day one of my blog so here’s a little more about me:

Tv reporter and journalist.

South Floridian but perhaps a Boston groupie. The accent always makes me smile. Great memories.

Strong believer in quality over quantity. Arguments for quantity too often have one goal… $$$

Repeat offender of writing out sounds as words such as “mhm” and using my all-time favorite word “marinating.” It’s what you do on your couch after a long day at work.

Lover of all green vegetables, dark chocolate, red wine and Evian water. Yes, I know it spells “naïve” backwards.

Artist. Drawing pencils or acrylics on canvas. Photography.

Oh, and I can make a mean triple-layer chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing.