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To a Fighter, with Love

I was thinking about Bryan last night. He can’t speak, but he always reaches his hand out.  to his father. to people he seems to recognize. The first time we … Continue reading

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Weekend in Paris

A picture captures a moment that will never happen again… a moment that has come and gone forever… But with a ‘click,’ you can give it back to the world.

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I was honored to receive an invitation to speak at a ‘Guitars over Guns’ event a few weeks back inside the Perez Art Museum. The non-profit offers arts-based mentoring programs to … Continue reading

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Blue paper scrubs

There are those near losses that threaten to tear our families apart and bring us to our knees. They turn non-believers into believers who pray for the first time since … Continue reading

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Pura Vida

Costa Rica is green and beautiful. Raw. The land seemingly only touched with a soft hand  … and graced by something or someone from up above. A spiritual place where … Continue reading

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You know you need to throw away the half-eaten protein bar in your work bag when a little piece of it easily acts as an earring back. Don’t judge… I … Continue reading

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Wife.   Mother.   Brother.   Child.   Neighbor.   Boss.   Partner.  Employee. Who are you beyond the titles at home and at work? Who are you in this intertwined world? While we are in … Continue reading

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Beep Beep

We simply drive by other people’s lives only to get a glimpse of a face… a smell… a sound… but we don’t really know what life is like for them. … Continue reading

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Love, Faith and Family

I have spent time in jail and prison. I sat across from a guy who had plastic zip ties, duct tape, sex toys, and a shock collar among other supplies inside … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

It’s a big smile after a ridiculous 24 hours that felt much like Russian Roulette. Okay, okay.. maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but hear me out. Flying these … Continue reading

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Nine Zero

She is allergic to grass, flowers, and the outdoors? She loves the celebrity obsessed magazines and lengthy conversations about his uncle’s, father’s boss who married her on [insert specific date, … Continue reading

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Love thy ‘selfie’

Selfie (n): a picture you take of yourself; if you’re an amateur, like me, your arm is in it no matter what you try unless, of course, you’ve used a mirror … Continue reading

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An Easy Dream

I miss outdoor exercise, and I’m not talking about using a busy, bike path. This winter, in Indy, has been BRUTAL. Yes, the word is deserving of all caps. I … Continue reading

03/28/2013 · 2 Comments

Fishy Hands

I spent hours with some of the most beautiful animals I had ever seen. Word of choice: majestic. But they “gotta eat.” (Checkers commercial nod. Yes, I’m a dork.) So… When … Continue reading

02/06/2013 · 2 Comments

Fancy Schmancy

My first trip to Detroit was inspired by lawn seat tickets to a Lauryn Hill concert many moons ago. My second trip…  involved a chair up against the door of a … Continue reading

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In a Nutshell

Monday through Friday can quickly become interesting, shocking, scary, plain boring, frustrating, inspiring, pleasantly heartwarming or all of the above. The news biz is something else. I love asking, “Can … Continue reading

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Butterflies and Rainbows

I was trying to think back to the time when I realized life was.. well life. It can get ugly fast. I remember joking with one of my friends the … Continue reading

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Let’s Fly Away

I thought I might as well opt for co-pilot off the bat. At least I could watch and listen if we happened to plummet thousands of feet. Little planes have … Continue reading

12/19/2012 · 2 Comments

Ah, sunshine

I think one of our producers just wrote it best: “A dreary, damp day across Indiana.” Looking any better by you?? Likely not… so here’s a little natural TLC courtesy my parent’s … Continue reading

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feliz cumpleaños a mí

I just had a birthday, and no, I’m not telling you guys how young I am! Isn’t it funny how much we want to be 10-and-a-half. Eighteen. Twenty-one. We want to be … Continue reading

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Sometimes we all need to just stop talking, and instead, listen… learn… and love harder. I walked in honor of my grandmother and aunt, two beautiful survivors; Making Strides Against Breast … Continue reading

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A Little One-on-One

This past Sunday… instead of some football watching, I threw on a fleece, headed down a few trails and stopped in a public garden. I know, I know… possibly shameful … Continue reading

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It was Friday

I remember the look on his face as he whispered the words. I remember staring intently at his lips as if I couldn’t hear a word he was saying. I … Continue reading

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A Warm Heart

What is it about old friends, the really good ones, that just warm your heart. I recently had one of those moments at the dinner table: We were talking, laughing… … Continue reading

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Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

It has been too long since my last blog entry. What can I say? Every bit of that time has been filled with a lot of ‘life.’ A redo would … Continue reading

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Her Lifeline

She wanted something that many of us fear but all of us deserve: the truth. Corinne Walls wanted the truth even if it put a little hole in her heart, … Continue reading

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Biker games? Yes, please.

Army infantryman Tim Senkowski lost both of his legs, most of the muscle in his right arm and buttock among other serious injuries in an I.E.D. blast last October in … Continue reading

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Turkey, Lettuce and Life

Saw this quote on a magnet in Whole Foods. “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. To … Continue reading

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My Father’s Confession

One night, recently, my father tells my mother he has to make two confessions. It was late. They were in bed. Her mind goes wild. “After all these years, what … Continue reading

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Juice, Juice Baby

The faces I get are expected. A cup full of bright green juice is probably not appealing to most people, but I like things that don’t taste great. If it’s … Continue reading

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