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A Little One-on-One

This past Sunday… instead of some football watching, I threw on a fleece, headed down a few trails and stopped in a public garden. I know, I know… possibly shameful amongst football enthusiasts, but I have an excuse! I desperately needed a one-with-nature-kind-of-moment.

It’s my special, green sanctuary, and I get lost in it.

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots:

3 comments on “A Little One-on-One

  1. Troy Clements

    Go forth under the open sky and list to Natures teachings…… William C Bryant

    I think the pictures are awesome and September is my favorite month for the fall reasons. Sometimes quiet time is good

  2. Brenda S.

    great shots, Bri…i mean, Ann…lol i love having my one-on-one with nature too but your nature isn’t the same as Miami nature 😛 absolutely beautiful! xo

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